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TBC is a leading , professional and reliable automotive bearings manufacturer, was founded in Hangzhou city of China in 1997, OEM quality Clutch Release Bearings and High Performance Timing Belt Tensioner & Pulley Bearings are our main competitive products, are widely used in various of European, American, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese & Asian passenger cars and heavy duty trucks.

Various of  Clutch Release Bearings, more than 500 types different shapes, applying in the most ...

Seven patent technology, is our research achievements of Tensioner Bearing and the basis of quality ...

Forklift Bearings
Forklift Bearing, TBC Auto Bearing Professional manufacturer of Forklift Bear ...

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Factory Address: Shuanpu Industrial Zone. Westlake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 310024     
IATF:16949 Certified Auto Clutch Release BearingClutch Bearing For Auto
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